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My photography collection showcases various styles and subjects, from stunning landscapes to captivating portraits. I believe that photography is an art form that can capture the essence of the moment and tell a story. I have a special talent for details and a passion for capturing the beauty of the world around us.


Whether you're seeking inspiration or simply enjoying admiring beautiful photography, I have something for everyone. My collection features both color and black-and-white photography, and I use various techniques to create unique and striking images.


I hope that my photography collection brings you joy and inspiration and that you'll see the world in a new light. Thank you for visiting my page, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


This picture has been awarded for its beautiful representation of Eidsvoll and one of the oldest train stations, which opened back in 1854. For me, it is a great inspiration for the culture and heritage of the small town of Eidsvoll.

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