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Hello, I am Ana Vuković, a creative soul originally from Montenegro, currently living in Eidsvoll. I am a photographer, cinematographer, nature enthusiast, creative thinker, friend, and dedicated worker. My journey in film and photography began with a magical moment when I first picked up a camera (like every other photographer, I'm not an exception :)

Oh no! It wasn't quite like that; it was only after the 150th time of grabbed the camera when all those unsuccessful shots, recomposed frames, broken lenses, lost drones, corrupted memory cards in the middle of shooting something important, and when my nerves were at their limit, and I wanted to give up – that's when it finally happened! The first time it succeeded, and that's when I fell in love and thought, "This is it!" From then on, I truly enjoyed watching how the constantly changing world seamlessly fits into frames, providing a constant source of fascination.

My passion lies in storytelling through my lens. My goal is to create visual experiences that not only capture moments but also evoke emotions and convey a narrative. I firmly believe that every person, every moment, and every scene has a unique story waiting to be told, and I cons

Screenshot 2022-08-15 at
“There is no greater power on earth than story”
– Libba Bray

  I’ve spent the past years learning, studying, and capturing love and joy across the globe and I believe every story, like yours, is unique and extraordinary and deserves to be told exceptionally.

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